Elie MAlka

Elie MALKA, français d'origine Israélienne, vit à Paris.

Metteur en scène et directeur de theâtre il a dirigé pendant dix huit ans l'UTE, l'Union des Théâtres de l'Europe, en étroite collaboration avec Giorgio Strehler.

Monsieur Elie Malka est également l'administrateur de l'orchestre Vox Musicorum de Paris,

Direction, la chef Isrealo-Americaine  Ada Pelleg.




Monsieur Elie MALKA est officier des Arts & lettres.



Born in Israel. Studied drama before becoming a teacher himself. Taught Opera in the Jerusalem University and in a Unesco seminar in Austria. Founded the Tel-Aviv chambre opera.

In 1979 he became vice general manager of the Habimah National Theatre of Israel, in charge of administration, artistic council, production and international relations, mainly for foreign tours.

He was then appointed artistic and managing director of the Haifa Municipal Theatre.

In January 1991 he was invited by Giorgio Strehler and Jack Lang to direct the Union of Theatres of Europe, where he was in charge of the organisation of an annual itinerant Festival, coproductions of multilingual plays, exhibitions, workshops, colloquia and publications.

At the same time he carries on his activities as translator and theatre director. He translates many plays from French,English, Italian, and Spanish, among which Shakespeare, Corneille, Sartre (The Trojan Women was performed more than 150 times), Pagnol, Berto, Griffero...

His last productions are A Jewish Tale which he wrote and directed for the Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest, Jackoby and Liedenthal and Winter's Funeral by H. Levin for the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, and Euripides' Iphegenia in Aulis for the Teatro Stabile di Torino.

He was member of the juries of Europe Prize for Theatre, of the Onasis Prize for Contemporary Drama, of Bitef (Belgrade), Mess (Sarajevo) and of the Scientific Committee of the Moroccan Royal Academy of Arts.

He is Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters.


Eli MALKA is the administrator of the  "Vox Musicorum Orchestra" Conductor &Artistic Director Ada PELLEG


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