150 seconds a Tribute to Erik SATIE

The project "150 seconds, Tribute to Erik Satie" is carried by the collective Arietta, Galilee Music center in Israel, and the Vox Musicorum Orchestra, based in Paris on the occasion of the 2016 / Hundred-fiftieth anniversary of the composer's birth.
Éric-Alfred-Leslie Satie is a French composer and pianist, born in Honfleur on May 17, 1866 and died in Paris on July 1st, 1925. Associated for a time with symbolism, but unclassifiable, he was recognized as a forerunner of Several movements including surrealism, minimalism, repetitive music or the theater of the absurd



In 2016, on the basis of titles retained by the composer but not assigned to a work, found in the archives of the musician of Arcueil, several composers work on the composition of original works inspired by these titles.

The collective Arietta, in collaboration with the Galilee Music center and the Vox Musicorum Orchestra suggests a format of one hundred and fifty seconds, modeled on the Gnossiennes, but the form remains free and open.


The compositions can be sent be email at : ensemble.arietta@gmail.com


The Satie project is not a competition, and has no other stake than to celebrate the talent of the composer of Arcueil.


The form of each text is open, duration, instrumentation also, the only constraint being to name the composition with one of the titles retained by Satie.


The musicians of the Galilee Music Center, the VMP and the Arietta Ensemble, whenever possible, will play the pieces in concert (Jerome Rigaudias created "Fleur d'Absinthe by Claude SACRE in November 2016 in Israel)


Through this project, we hope to facilitate the collaboration of musicians, composers and cultural organizers, and, more generally, to bring to life and circulate the very inspiring talent of Erik SATIE.

The first work on this model is "Fleur d'Absinthe" by French composer Claude SACRE, for piano solo.
The score is available upon request at : ensemble.arietta@gmail.com
A second work, in the course of writing, is performed by the composer Gilles Raynal, "Mémoires d'une Pomme" Orchestra Suite.
24 Titles, poetic and inspiring, all stemming from the beautiful imagination of Erik Satie, are at the search of their composer



1 : Catafalques endormis
2 : Curiosités visqueuses
3 : Etapes monotones
4 : Flaques Trépidation Géométrie
5 : Fleurs d'absinthe
6 : Frisson impoli
7 : Globules ennuyeux
8 : Harmonies délectables
9 : Menthe aquatique
10 : Mots suspendus
11 : Mystique voilure
12 : Objections hivernales
13 : Pensées mécaniques
14 : Postures soporifiques
15 : Poussières sombres
16 : Poussières terrorisées
17 : Répliques hivernales
18 : Rêverie burlesque
19 : Sérénade sépulcrale
20 : Soupirs fanés
21 : Tentacules chevalines
22 : Topique indiscret
23 : Valses mégalithiques
24 : Vasques chancelantes

1 : Catafalques asleep
2 : Viscous curiosities
3 : Monotonous steps
4 : Fluid Trimming Geometry
5 : Absinthe flowers
6 : Rude shudder
7 : Boring Globules
8 : Delectable Harmonies
9 : Water Mint
10 : Suspended words
11 : Mystique wing
12 : Winter Objections
13 : Mechanical Thoughts
14 : Soporific Postures
15 : Dark Dusts
16 : Terrified dust
17 : Winter replicas
18 : Nightmare
19 : Sepulchral serenade
20 : Faded Sighs
21 : Horse Tentacles
22 : Topic indiscreet
23 : Megalithic waltzes
24 : Shaking basins

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